Psychology 📚 Study Resources

On this page, I share the study resources that I create during my psychology degree at LMU. I hope that they will help you with your studies! Support this project

Statistics Cheatsheets (+ R Code) 📊

These cheatsheets cover all of the relevant formulas and provide R code for most of them + include all of the R functions that were covered in class. I found them to be a great overview during exam prep and they saved me quite some time during the open book exams! (R notebooks don’t like mobile browsers, so it is recommended that you open them on your PC)

The interactive versions allow you to compute the formulas directly on the webpage (by running R code on a shiny server). The more traditional cheatsheet versions simply display the relevant formulas and R Code snippets. These also allow you to hide all of the R code if you just want to see the formulas.

Flashcards (Anki) 🌠

This is a collection of flashcards I created on Anki. These decks contain 5800+ questions covering most of the respective classes, so they are great for exam preparation! I also split the cards into subdecks based on the individual lectures, so you can study specific topics as the semester progresses.

If you are unsure about how to use Anki, you can either get the text version of the questions or check out my guide, Anki for non-nerds. Studying with flashcards requires some effort, but it is an incredibly effective study method if you stick with it!

  • Semester 1
    • Theoretische Grundlagen und Geschichte der Psychologie (German) Anki Text
    • Methoden der Datenerhebung (German) Anki Text
    • Allgemeine Psychologie 2: Emotionspsychologie (German) Anki Text
  • Semester 2
    • Biopsychology Anki Text
    • Allgemeine Psychologie 2: Motivationspsychologie (German) Anki Text
  • Semester 3
    • Entwicklungspsychologie (German) Anki Text
    • Diagnostik 1 (German) Anki Text
    • Differentielle und Persönlichkeitspsychologie (German) Anki Text
    • Wirtschafts- und Organisationspsychologie (German) Anki Text
    • Medizinische Grundlagen 1 (German) Anki Text
    • Pädagogik (G): Entwicklung, Lernen, Instruktion (German) Anki Text
    • Klinische Psychologie (G) (German) Anki Text
  • Semester 4
    • Arbeits- und Organisationspsychologie (German) Anki Text
    • Markt- und Konsumentenpsychologie (German) Anki Text
    • Medizinische Grundlagen 2 (German) Anki Text
    • Pädagogik (V): Entwicklung, Erziehung, Intervention (German) Anki Text
    • Diagnostik 2 (German) Anki Text
    • Klinische Psychologie (V) (German) Anki Text
    • Neuropsychologie - Einführung (German) Anki Text
  • Semester 5
    • Neuropsychologie - Diagnostik (German) Anki Text

Timelines 🏛

Even though lectures are often structured by topic, some knowledge is best represented on a timeline (historical events, age, publication date). These are filterable timelines to display the content for certain courses in chronological order.

Reading Notes 📄

Some courses/seminars require us to get a broad overview over literature in a given field. Whenever I take notes on the discussed papers, I share them here. You can browse the notes online, where they are embedded within my wider (experimental) public note-taking system “Mindforest”.

  • Semester 3
    • Seminar: Developmental Psychology - Advanced Topics (Kammermeier) Online

DrawStudy ✍️

I am currently building, an online course platform that teaches concepts using digital drawing exercises. I sometimes create exercises for my lectures at LMU, as they feature a lot of visual information. All content is available in English and German. It’s completely free, so grab your tablet (or PC) and try it out! Also, consider joining the project’s community on IG @drawstudyapp :)

If you want to support this project 😄

Some people asked me if I accept donations, so here we go! If you found the things on here useful, you can consider buying me a drink via Don’t feel pressured to throw your hard-earned money at me, though. I never intended to make money from these resources, so everything I create on here will stay free for everybody to use. Also, while servers need to be paid and drawstudy needs funding, most of the money will probably go towards fueling my unhinged bubble tea addiction, so proceed with caution. Thank you!