Psychology 📚 Study Resources

On this page, I share the study resources that I created during my psychology degree at LMU. I hope that they will help you with your studies!

Statistics Cheatsheets (+ R Code) 📊

These cheatsheets cover all of the relevant formulas and provide R code for most of them + include all of the R functions that were covered in class. I found them to be a great overview during exam prep! (R notebooks don’t like mobile browsers, so it is recommended that you open them on your PC). These also allow you to hide all of the R code if you just want to see the formulas.

Flashcards (Anki) 🌠

This is a collection of flashcards I created on Anki. These decks contain thousands of questions covering most of the respective classes, so they are great for exam preparation! I also split the cards into subdecks based on the individual lectures, so you can study specific topics as the semester progresses. I have tagged these sets with the specific semester/lecturer so you can get an idea how applicable those are to your studies. From what I have heard, the material has not changed that much since I took these classes.

If you are unsure about how to use Anki, you can either get the text version of the questions or check out my guide, Anki for non-nerds. Studying with flashcards requires some effort, but it is an incredibly effective study method if you stick with it!

  • Semester 1 (WiSe 2020/2021)
    • Theoretische Grundlagen und Geschichte der Psychologie (Paulus, Misch) (German) Anki Text
    • Methoden der Datenerhebung (Gollwitzer) (German) Anki Text
    • Allgemeine Psychologie 2: Emotionspsychologie (Maier) (German) Anki Text
  • Semester 2 (SoSe 2021)
    • Allgemeine Psychologie 2: Motivationspsychologie (Maier) (German) Anki Text
    • [Mostly Outdated?] Biopsychology (Sauseng) (English) Anki Text
  • Semester 3 (WiSe 2021/2022)
    • [Outdated?] Entwicklungspsychologie (Sodian) (German) Anki Text
    • Diagnostik 1 (BĂŒhner) (German) Anki Text
    • Differentielle und Persönlichkeitspsychologie (Schödel) (German) Anki Text
    • Wirtschafts- und Organisationspsychologie (Woschee) (German) Anki Text
    • [Mostly outdated] Medizinische Grundlagen 1 (German) Anki Text
    • PĂ€dagogik (G): Entwicklung, Lernen, Instruktion (Fischer, Niklas) (German) Anki Text
    • Klinische Psychologie (G) (Ehring) (German) Anki Text
  • Semester 4 (SoSe 2022)
    • Arbeits- und Organisationspsychologie (German) Anki Text
    • Markt- und Konsumentenpsychologie (German) Anki Text
    • [Mostly outdated] Medizinische Grundlagen 2 (German) Anki Text
    • PĂ€dagogik (V): Entwicklung, Erziehung, Intervention (Paulus) (German) Anki Text
    • Diagnostik 2 (BĂŒhner) (German) Anki Text
    • Klinische Psychologie (V) (Ehring) (German) Anki Text
    • Neuropsychologie - EinfĂŒhrung (Ludwig) (German) Anki Text
  • Semester 5 (WiSe 2022/2023)
    • Neuropsychologie - Diagnostik (Schenk) (German) Anki Text

Timelines 🏛

This is a timeline of child development based on the 2021 lecture by Beate Sodian. Newer lecture material might source other studies and disagree with some of the points mentioned here, but it should still provide a general overview of childhood development in various areas.

DrawStudy ✍

I am currently working on an app that teaches visual topics (Neuroanatomy, Statistics) using drawing exercises - a beta version of it was already used to support a biopsychology lecture at LMU. The app and courses are currently being rebuilt from the ground up, so check back at a later time to see the new and improved DrawStudy 😄